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Just don’t care!   By; Donna Schnoor

Your yoga practice just doesn’t care… what gender you are, what ethnicity you are, what religion you are, your age, demographics, what country you were born in, the balance of your bank account, how much you weigh, how you voted or even if you voted.

Your yoga practice doesn’t care if you can do a handstand, backbend, touch your toes, or stand on your head. It doesn’t care if you wear this year’s Lululemon leggings or ten year old sweatpants, practice on a $10 mat or a $100 mat. If you show up in full makeup or look like you just crawled out of bed. Your yoga practice is completely non-judgemental.

What your yoga practice does care about is that you show up, you step on your mat and just be. That you’re present in the moment and breathe. You listen to the soft whisperings of your heart and your own innate wisdom. You listen to what your body needs today, whether that’s an advanced pose or Savasana. You meet each yoga practice as a first time introduction and also as a long lost friend. It can be incredibly freeing to realize that no matter how you move, what you look like, what your mood this day may be, that there is absolutely no judgement unless you put it there yourself.

Your yoga practice is a reflection of you in that moment, embrace what presents itself with an open mind and an open heart.