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200 Hour

Yoga Teacher Training
Starting February 21, 2020

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Vagus Nerve and

Your Nervous System
Wednesday, October 30th

2:00- 3:30pm

Sun City Grand Learning

$10./ open to everyone
The vagus nerve literally activates the parasympathetic nervous system – the mechanism that controls involuntary actions and affects mood. We will learn techniques to help balance the body and harmonize the nervous system.

*this class will be performed on the floor, so bring your own mat

The Art of Release

Tuesday, December 3rd

3:00- 4:30pm

Sun City Grand Learning

$10./ open to everyone

Yoga teaches us to identify unconscious holding/tension patterns, and through breath work, slow movement, and props we can begin to release the tension in our bodies, activating the parasympathetic nervous response and bring about an overall sense of well-being and health.

*this class is designed to be practiced in a chair

 8th Annual Yoga Festival in the Red Rocks of Sedona

March 12-15, 2020

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Chair Yoga Certification Course

Stay tuned for the next upcoming course
Chair Yoga is becoming increasingly popular and is in strong demand, but requires some extra considerations.
We will address the importance of~
Anatomy & Contraindications
Posture/ Alignment
Body Awareness (proprioception)
Balance/ Neuroplasticity
Strength/Flexibility- Range of Motion (ROM)
Sequencing & Mirroring
Making a Class Fun & Educational
Relaxation/ Meditation

This is a 12 hour course, upon completion you will receive a Chair Yoga Certification.

Workshops and Events

Available for Workshops, Events, Retreats
Yoga4U LLC can customize a workshop to suit your groups needs.
These are some examples of workshops currently being offered:
• Tail of the Tale- Workshop on the Spine
• Spanda- Exploring the Pulsations of your Practice
• Pratyahara- Withdrawal of the Senses
• Awakening your Chakras
• Core Yoga- Moving from your Center
• The Ground Floor- A women’s workshop for Pelvic Floor Strength
• Learning the Art of Meditation
• Basics Yoga
• Learning to Flow; Transitions